Medical Records Requests

In light of Dr. Cates’s retirement, this site is meant to provide you the information and methods needed to procure a copy of your sleep-related medical record as is allowed by law. Unless specified otherwise, this record will include pertinent documents such as prior “history and physical”, record of last office visit, results of any prior sleep testing, most recent compliance download information, and possibly various other documents that are deemed necessary for your new doctor to proceed with your sleep-related care. Please follow ALL the associated directions on completing the required form for “Authorization for Release of Medical Records”. This will have to be received fully completed and signed before we can move forward processing anything.


There is an allowable processing fee of $20 USD for processing medical records information and sending it to you, another doctor, facility, or CPAP supplier.


We require a completed and signed authorization for release of your records along with receipt of the full amount of the assessed fee BEFORE any efforts will be made towards preparing and providing documents. Note that the state of Texas allows for 15 business days (3 weeks) to deliver the records AFTER having received completed paperwork and monetary fee.